Bookkeeping Cleanup and Controller Services

construction business

First, you must make your small business appealing to buyers. If you own a house that you want to sell someday, you'll keep up with the repairs and maintenance while you live there. Then when you're ready to put it on the market, you'll stage it with some fresh paint and new flooring or appliances. This lets potential buyers know that the house was well cared for so they offer the best price. Its the same with selling your business. No one wants to buy a business in "as is" condition.

We know how to "stage" your business to make it attractive to buyers. The financial records tell the ultimate story of how well a business has been cared for over the years. Much of the effort spent in growing and developing a business gets lost if the financial records don’t back up the story. You may know your small business inside and out but you must be able to show its value to buyers through your financials.

Repairs: Cleaning up Your Books

Prepare to get paid for your business by doing a financial cleanup. The first step is getting your books in order so your records are clean and potential buyers can see what it's worth. To get your books ready, we'll analyze transactions in QuickBooks, evaluate internal controls, review past tax returns for additional savings, and much more.

Maintenance: Track the Important Numbers

Our monthly accounting services are offered as part of our strategy to help you sell your business for the highest price possible. We'll provide the tools to analyze performance each month to keep a close eye on revenues and expenses and determine how they impact the current value of your business. This includes:

  • KPI dashboard - progress tracking to uncover hidden insights from your financial data.
  • Benchmarking analysis - comparing your business with competitors to see how it stacks up.
  • Controller services - critical financial oversight and advice to maximize profitability.

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