Small Business Exit Strategies

game plan strategy

Star athletes who have played their sport for many years still need a coach to direct them, and a business is no different. You know your business but need the guidance of someone who can show you how to turn your dreams into a game plan. Someone who will constantly look for ways to reduce tax exposure, track how close you are to your exit plan, and adapt your route. But who can fill that role? Your financial advisors (CPA, Attorney, Financial Planner, etc.) should work together as a team to make sure your business hits the target - but are they?

Who’s Working on Your Exit Plan?

  • What about your CPA? CPA's are great for complying with government regulations and filing your tax return, but they don’t get your business exit ready.
  • Does your attorney know when you plan to retire? Attorneys are for complying with laws to protect your assets and filing the paperwork to close your business transaction, but they don’t get your business exit ready.
  • Does your financial planner know how well your business is doing this year? Financial planners are great for college savings and retirement distribution planning but they don’t get your business exit ready.

We'll Lead Your Team!

At CX Palmer, we'll help you develop a clear path for your business so you and your whole financial team can take the right steps. We’ll make sure the attorney, CPA, and financial planner understand what you want so we can all work together to help you reach your goals.

Getting Your Business Exit Ready

Selling your business is usually a once in a lifetime process, this is exciting! But, don't wing it! Planning to sell a business involves:

  • Understanding the value of your business and finding ways to increase it. The value comes from more than just the numbers, it takes into consideration your employees, your operations/processes, your revenue mix, your location, and more.
  • Aligning personal, financial, and business goals
  • Identifying gaps in what you need to retire versus what you can walk away with after a sale
  • Determining all of your exit options

Exit Planning Should Be Proactive

Many factors impact the best time to sell a business. Some are in your control and some are not, so having a plan in place is key. The time to sell can be driven by:

  • Market conditions
  • An unsolicited offer from a competitor/buyer
  • Winning/losing a major contract or customer
  • The untimely death of a partner, family member, or key employee
  • Personal health

A solid, proactive plan will prepare you to capitalize on these factors rather than scrambling to react to them.

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