How it Works

Prepare to sell your business by partnering with CX Palmer, PLLC. Our process works kind of like it does with your doctor. We meet for an appointment, which leads to a diagnosis, and then to a prescription and plan to make you feel better. Except in this case you won't get freedom from an illness, you'll get financial freedom!

1. Assessment

First, we get to know you. We'll schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting for an initial assessment to learn about you and your business and explain what we can do for you. The consultation assessment is free! Request your assessment now.

2. Diagnosis

Next, we carefully review your financial information and take a hard look at how your business is set up. Then we clean up your books and develop a plan to get you exit ready, even if you don't want to sell right now. Preparing to sell includes proactive tax reduction planning to make sure you get to keep as much as possible from the sale of your business.

3. Fill the Prescription

Finally, we work with you to implement your plan with monthly accounting and KPIs to closely track your finances and continually massage the direction of your business. All of these efforts will prepare you to get the best price possible when you're ready to sell your small business.

Find out how we can partner with you! Request an assessment online now or call us at 850-608-3038 to learn more.