Tax Planning for Small Businesses

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As a successful business owner, your business is the life blood of your finances. It supplies the cashflow that supports your home, your family, and your lifestyle. You've put a lot into your business and you're expecting to get a lot out of it when you sell. But, even if you get exactly what you want for your business, how much of that is actually yours to keep? Putting a  plan in place to help you minimize taxes when you sell your business is essential and we can show you how its done.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Many successful business owners face a huge tax bill when they sell their business - don’t be one of them! Rather than fighting the system, we use the tax code to your benefit by legally and ethically reducing your tax burden. We analyze your entire financial picture including business objectives, investments, and past tax returns to create a highly-effective tax plan. We constantly update this plan as tax laws and your financial situation change to continually control your tax liabilities. The results are, you pay the lowest amount of tax possible when you sell your business so you have the cashflow you need to live the life you want.

Your Trusted Tax Advisor

We'll keep in contact with you throughout the year to manage liabilities and guide you through financial decisions that could have tax consequences. You can count on us to:

  • Show you how to maximize profits between now and the sale of your business
  • Review past tax returns to find additional savings
  • Help you retire with the most cash in your pocket
  • Provide straightforward tax advice

Learn About the Tax Planning Process

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